Qloud benefits


Why decentralized cloud?

Qloud offers the cloud’s convenience while giving control as if data were stored locally.

How does that help?

Data breaches are a growing problem:

  • Data breaches are becoming more common.
  • 50% of data breaches happen in the public cloud, and such breaches are more costly.
  • As the average cost of data breaches increased to record levels of $4.35 million in 2022, businesses are seeking greater security and privacy.


Qloud gives you control

We believe that businesses should be able to retain control over their online data.

By enabling businesses to safely store and easily manage their data in the decentralized cloud, Qloud transforms data ownership.

Qloud combines the accessibility and flexibility of the cloud with the control of on-premise storage, providing businesses with unprecedented levels of security and convenience.

Qloud for SME

Qloud gives SMEs access to enterprise-level data control and security without requiring specialized staff or knowledge.

Qloud for SMEs is:

  • Quantum-secure
  • Performant
  • Easy to use
  • Future-proof

And with the single-line-of-code S3 Migration, existing scripts and integrations can still be used.


Maximum data resilience

Using cutting-edge technology, Qloud ensures that your data is entirely private and accessible only to you. Post-quantum cryptography (PCQ) and distributing data chunks over multiple locations ensures that your data is inaccessible to outsiders in storage or in transit, now and in the future.

Enterprise-grade performance

The Qloud topology ensures data security, but not at the cost of performance, because nobody likes to wait for a download.

Located in top-tier, regional data centers, your data is accessible at all times, wherever you are. Exceptional performance is guaranteed thanks to our proximity to your location.

GDPR compliant


With Qloud, you safely store data in compliance with the GDPR mandate because we think control over personal data is up to the data owner anyway.

Our distributed network is located in top-tier data centers in the EU, allowing data residency for applicable use cases.

Simplicity in every step

Low-code and no-code development are the future. We make sure Qloud requires as little of your attention as possible so that you can focus on your core tasks.

Qloud is S3-compatible, making it effortless to switch, and allowing you to keep using your existing scripts.

The technology

Under the hood, Qloud uses Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), an advanced data protection method in the form of Erasure Coding (EC), and cutting-edge post-quantum cryptography to create fast, safe, and decentralized storage.

HUBcloud smart future of data storage

Why decentralization?

Decentralization–from DLT and EC–is an essential feature for data control and data security in Qloud, because it:

improves data recoverability

boosts data availability

reduces attack surface

Post-quantum cryptography (PCQ) completes the privacy-focused security design, making Qloud storage future-proof.

How is data handled by Qloud?

Qloud cleverly places your eggs in multiple baskets using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Erasure Coding (EC). EC is a way to protect data by breaking it up into pieces called chunks, encoding them with redundant data, and storing them in a number of different locations via DLT.

In case any of the chunks later get lost, damaged, or can’t otherwise be downloaded, the added redundant data can recreate the file. Qloud encrypts these chunks with post-quantum cryptography and stores them in data centers across various storage providers in the EU to remove further single-points-of-failure.

Qloud chunking erasure coding explained

A file is cut into chunks.

Redundant code and quantum encryption added.

Chunks are stored across various storage locations.

Sometimes a chunk can’t be downloaded.

Maths magic* recreates the file anyway.
* Reed–Solomon error correction