Haarlem, Netherlands, 25 April 2023

Chunk Works is making its way into the enterprise data storage market with the Qloud platform. This is the first quantum-secure, decentralized object storage that uses distributed ledger technology, aiming to offer small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) business continuity after a cyberattack. Companies can now sign up for the early access program to gain a competitive edge.

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A hack or data breach typically leaves companies unable to do business for an average of two weeks. There is a considerable risk that the company goes bankrupt in the months after a breach. This is due to lost revenue and the expense of mitigating the breach. Because data breaches and hacks are no longer a case of “if” but “when”, Chunk Works advocates for more secure, decentralized data storage where users retain ultimate control over their data in the cloud.

Enterprise-level control over cloud data for SMEs

Qloud uses cutting-edge technology to provide a safe and efficient way to store cloud data. The platform makes it easier for authorized users to access data anywhere at any time, and allows for safe recovery in the event of a hack or ransomware attack. It is ideally suited for SMEs because it combines the convenience and flexibility of the traditional cloud with the oversight of on-premise storage. This gives them enterprise-level data control without the need for specialized staff or knowledge.

Qloud’s tech puts you in charge of your cloud data

Qloud gives users full control over their cloud data through innovative Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and erasure coding (EC), an advanced data protection method. The technology cleverly places eggs in multiple baskets by dividing files into pieces called chunks and adding redundant data. It then encrypts each chunk with a quantum-secure algorithm and distributes them across various top-tier EU data centers via DLT. Because data is encrypted before uploading, there is less concern about third-party data breaches.
If any of the chunks are later lost, damaged, or cannot otherwise be downloaded, there’s no problem. Qloud’s advanced data recovery system automatically recreates the lost chunk. It does this using the redundant data without the user even noticing.

SMEs invited to the early access program for Qloud

Forward-thinking SMEs are increasingly searching for solutions that enable them to retain control over sensitive data in the cloud. This could be for compliance with privacy laws or to safeguard proprietary knowledge. They can now sign up for the early access program on https://chunkworks.net/get-qloud/ to explore the future of cloud data.

With this announcement, Chunk Works opens its investment round to raise capital for expansion. Interested parties can email stan.scharnigg@chunkworks.net.

About Chunk Works

Chunk Works provides people and organizations with the tools they need to retain control over their cloud data in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective way. Its goal is to contribute to a more secure and equitable digital future because data breaches and hacks are no longer a question of “if” but “when”.

Its flagship product, Qloud quantum-secure cloud storage, is a fast and easy-to-use decentralized cloud storage built on distributed ledger technology. It combines the convenience and flexibility of the cloud with the control of on-premise storage. Under the hood, it makes data storage and retrieval more reliable by automatically distributing data across multiple top-tier EU data centers. With its advanced data recovery system, users can be confident that their data is there when they need it. Qloud prioritizes privacy and security without sacrificing performance, scalability, or usability.

More details are available at https://chunkworks.net/press/ or by contacting bas.vansambeek@chunkworks.net.

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