Universal Security Layer

Designed for the future. Securing data today.

Maintain quantum-secure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability for all devices in your infrastructure and across organizational boundaries.


Make data quantum-secure without changes to the infrastructure.

Made as a white label solution to easily deploy across a wide range of systems.

What Universal Security Layer solves

The Universal Security Layer is a holistic approach to data security. It’s designed to practically deploy on current infrastructures while remaining adaptable to future changes in the cybersecurity landscape.

There are a few reasons why we’ve designed it this way:

  • Asymmetric encryption will soon be obsolete, but post-quantum cryptography is still in its infancy, which makes it hard to determine the right time to switch.
  • We should immediately migrate to post-quantum algorithms because of “harvest now, decrypt later,” but this is a difficult and time-consuming task.
  • There is always a new threat. Today’s tools are vulnerable tomorrow, and legacy systems accumulate technical debt, which is a security risk in and of itself.

White label quantum-secure hybrid encryption

Chunk Works’ Universal Security Layer is a white-label solution that combines classical and post-quantum algorithms in a future-proof architecture, ensuring a seamless transition to quantum-secure encryption and beyond.

Quantum-secure hybrid encryption

Combining classical and post-quantum methods, ensuring a seamless transition to quantum-secure encryption.

Federated authentication

Interoperability with multiple protocols, integration with various identity providers, and token-based authentication.

Multi-system interoperability

Deploys across existing infrastructure, including on-prem servers, public and private clouds, IoT devices, third-party tools, and even legacy platforms.

Autonomous data recovery system

The autonomous recovery mechanism checks data integrity at configurable intervals to identify and resolve data corruption.