Qloud logo quantum-secure cloud storage

Retaining control over your data has never been easier, with your data stored decentralized within EU borders.

Qloud – the quantum-secure cloud: cloud logo styled with a quantum Q.

Move to the decentralized, enterprise-grade, quantum-secure cloud.

Get fast, high outage-protected, S3-compatible storage.

What Qloud offers

Complete control over data

Qloud bridges the gap between public cloud and on-premise storage. All of the flexibility of the cloud, all of the control of on-premise storage, none of the complexity.

Qloud has a decentralized architecture that outperforms existing cloud solutions. It gives users ownership of their data, and has all the benefits of distributed ledger technology without the drawbacks.

Maximum data resilience

With quantum secure Qloud Storage, your data is protected from unauthorized access in storage and transit, both now and in the future.

Switch with just one line of code

With just one line of code, you can switch to the Qloud S3 API and keep using your existing scripts and integrations.

High-performance hot storage

Qloud provides the fastest DLT-based storage available, with high bandwidth, maximum uptime, and fast TTFB.

Enterprise-grade compliance

Data is stored in regional data centers, to help you comply with your specific data protection and privacy regulations, and SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified.