Object storage products

Qloud provides secure, S3-compatible object storage to help you protect your business from unforeseen events. It bridges the gap between public cloud and on-premise storage: all of the cloud’s flexibility, all of on-premise storage’s control, without the complexity.

Quantum secure object Storage

The future of object storage

Qloud connects current standards and usability with future demands by offering quantum-secure object storage and data transfers. This way, your company’s data is safe both now and in the future.

Product features

Reserved object storage capacity

Buy peace of mind with a reserved block of object storage at competitive prices.

Pay-as-you-go object storage

The monthly Pay-as-You-Go model allows for fair, fast, and secure object storage.

Smart Qloud user management

The easy-to-use dashboard automates the management of multiple Qloud accounts.

Object lock

Protect your business by securing your data against accidental deletion or alteration.


Use immutability and offsite backups to protect your data against ransomware attacks.


Adherence to industry standards ensures secure and compliant data storage.