Qloud object storage

Qloud provides secure, S3-compatible object storage to help you protect your business from unforeseen events. It bridges the gap between public cloud and on-premise storage: all of the cloud’s flexibility, all of on-premise storage’s control, without the complexity.

Quantum secure object Storage

The future of object storage

Combining current standards and usability principles with future demands, Qloud offers quantum-secure object storage and data transfers. This way, your company’s data is safe both now and in the future.


Reserved Capacity object storage

Buy peace of mind with a reserved block of object storage at competitive prices.

Pay-As-You-Go object storage

The monthly Pay-as-You-Go model gives fair, fast, and secure object storage.

Product features

End-to-end encryption

Secure your data locally using NIST-approved, post-quantum algorithms.

Object lock

Protect your business by securing data against accidental deletion or alteration.


Shield your data against ransomware attacks with immutable offsite backups.

Smart user management

Automate data access management with the easy-to-use Qloud Dashboard.


Store data safely and legally in compliance with industry standards.


Designed to offer everyone secure, fair, and energy-efficient data storage.

Use cases

Qloud securely stores your data until you need it again, whether you need quick-access online storage or dependable, long-term archives.

Confidential cloud

Qloud makes your data accessible from any location at any time, while also ensuring data security in transit and storage, both now and in the future.

Disaster recovery

After a ransomware attack, disaster, or user error, incremental, immutable backups on Qloud get your business back up and running quickly.

Cloud backup

To always and everywhere have access to your backups away from your office, use Qloud as your dependable, quantum-secure offsite backup.

Data archive

Qloud data archives with optional object locks safeguard your data for record-keeping, fraud prevention, and regulatory compliance.

Internet of Things

Qloud excels at storing vast quantities of sensor data securely and, if necessary, immutably—preparing for decentralized smart data applications.

AI/ML data lakes

Decentralized AI and ML are gaining traction, and only a decentralized storage solution like Qloud can enable them to reach their full potential.