Use cases & benefits


Qloud gives you control

We believe that businesses should regain control over their online data.

Qloud decentralized storage transforms data ownership by making it simple for businesses to securely store and easily manage their data in the cloud.

Qloud combines the cloud’s accessibility and flexibility with the control of on-premise storage.

Qloud for SME

Small and medium enterprises are quick to adapt and turn new opportunities into business benefits. Qloud offers SME’s everything needed now and in the future.



Future proof

Qloud use cases


Whether you need hot archives or cold long term storage, Qloud securely keeps your data until you need it again.

Backup & disaster recovery

Immutable backups of vital data makes sure your company is up and running in no time after ransomware attacks or user errors.

Internet of Things

Qloud’s data structure has literally been made with IoT in mind and can manage data streams from millions of IoT devices.


Decentralized AI and ML is taking off and can only fulfill its potential with a decentralized storage solution like Qloud powering it.

Maximum data resilience

Using cutting-edge technology, Qloud ensures that your data is entirely private and accessible only to you. Post-quantum cryptography (PCQ) and distributing data chunks over multiple locations ensures that your data is inaccessible to outsiders in storage or in transit, now and in the future.

Enterprise-grade performance

The Qloud topology ensures data security, but not at the cost of performance, because nobody likes to wait for a download.

Located in top-tier, regional data centers, your data is accessible at all times, wherever you are. Exceptional performance is guaranteed thanks to our proximity to your location.

GDPR compliant


With Qloud, you safely store data in compliance with the GDPR mandate because we think control over personal data is up to the data owner anyway.

Our distributed network is located in top-tier data centers in the EU, allowing data residency for applicable use cases.

Simplicity in every step

Low-code and no-code development is the future. We make sure Qloud requires as little of your attention as possible so that you can focus on your core tasks.

Qloud is S3-compatible, making it effortless to switch, and allowing you to keep using your existing scripts.