Haarlem, Netherlands, 23 January 2023
TangleHUB, a software development company specializing in decentralized storage solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its MVP for Hub Cloud, a revolutionary new decentralized storage platform, designed to provide enhanced security and privacy at a fraction of the cost of existing centralized storage solutions.

The core of HUB cloud is the PIPE infrastructure, which eliminates the risk of a single point of failure and offers performance on par with centralized solutions.In BETA testing, our customers have reported increased satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that their data is stored in a decentralized network.

“We’re excited to offer this game-changing solution to businesses of all sizes,” said Dennis Schouten, CEO and co-founder of TangleHUB. “Our mission is to empower everyone to take control of their data and protect it from potential threats. With the growing demand for alternatives to centralized solutions, we believe HUB Cloud is the perfect solution for enterprises looking to reduce their dependence on centralized cloud providers.” 

TangleHUB is currently onboarding its first MVP partners, and is encouraging innovative enterprises in all industries searching for public cloud alternatives to sign up on chunkworks.net.  Additionally, the company plans to launch its S3 compatible API in coming weeks to decrease friction when switching to HUB Cloud. As an MVP partner, businesses will benefit from early access to new features, discounted pricing, and dedicated support.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize the way you store and protect your data. Sign up as an MVP partner with TangleHUB today and discover the benefits of decentralized storage for yourself: https://chunkworks.net

About TangleHUB

TangleHUB is a software development company that builds decentralised networks, tools, and services with the primary goal of increasing broad adoption of decentralized storage. With the Open Source project PIPE, the company wants to accelerate this adoption. PIPE is like an AirBnB for storing data, because anyone can rent out storage space or store their data in a safe and reliable way. PIPE’s unique architecture enables it to be as fast as existing cloud solutions (such as AWS or Microsoft Azure) at a fraction of the cost while also offering quantum security.